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Have you ever searched "free qualitative research software" only to be disappointed that nothing lets you tag your materials? Search no more! Taguette is a free and open source tool for qualitative research. You can import your research materials, highlight and tag quotes, and export the results!

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Work Locally

Taguette works both on your local computer and on a server. When running Taguette locally, your data is as secure as your computer. That means that if you can have your data on your computer, you can run Taguette with no worries.

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Highlight & Tag

Taguette allows you to upload your research materials and tag them, just as you would use different color highlighters with printed paper. You can add new tags, then just select some text, click 'new highlight', and add whatever tag you want!

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Export Results

After you've done your work highlighting materials in Taguette, you can export them to show others, to keep an archival copy, or simply to print out for reference. You have lots of flexibility in what you choose to export!

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